About Us

KAGUM School is a presentation of KAGUM Hotels, the leading hospitality company in Bandung that manages Grand Serela Boutique Hotel, Grand Seriti Boutique Hotel, Banana Inn Hotel & Spa, and Golden Flower Hotel Bandung, with more Hotels already in the plans for the immediate future. Designed to educate and nurture the most excellent of future professionals, KAGUM School is a Hospitality school in Bandung that promises only the finest education for those wanting to pursue the endless opportunities offered by the promising field of Hospitality.

KAGUM School provides you with 1 year of training program which comprised from 3 months of theories, 6 months of job trainings, and 3 months for the final preparations before job placements. With supervision and care from the highly capable professionals of KAGUM Hotels, KAGUM School is poised and ready to become the best Hospitality School in Bandung.