Front Office

Students will be given the opportunity to study various Front Office operational aspects, which will be complemented by both theoretical and practical knowledge as part as the study program. Featured topics are: Front Desk, Reservation, and Concierge.

Front Desk Syllabus
Topics Description
Department Overview
  1. FO Organization chart
  2. Job Description
  3. Creating a positive hotel image
  4. Relation with others department
  5. FO Terminology
  6. FO Courtesy
  1. Registration card
  2. Check in with Credit Card, Cash Walk in, Sharer/Joiner
  3. Check in spit billing, CI Room Not Ready, CI FIT
  4. Check in day use, day early/late, CI FIT Travel
  5. Canceling reservation, Guest history & recognition.
  6. Confidential listing, Pledge relocation
  1. Handling guest check out FIT, VIP, Group
  2. Handling check out using TA Voucher, Compliment VCR
  3. Check out using FOREX
  4. Guest account paid by Outside Guest
  5. Late checkout request
  6. Shift Audit
  7. Authorizing Credit Card
Guest Account Administration
  1. Room Change, Rate Change
  2. Extension Req. for late check out
  3. Sleep out, Posting Charge, Posting Paid Out
  4. House cash PO, Posting Rebate, Posting Late charge
  5. Posting over credit limit, posting correction
  6. Posting transfer charges
Guest Miscellaneous
  1. Stamp & Photocopies
  2. Lost & Found
  3. Safe deposit box
  4. No show billing
  5. Clearing the check out with balance report
  6. FO & HK discrepancy report
Mail & Information
  1. Guest mail, Guest Message
  2. Flag & Comment
  3. Guest confidential & Room Number
  4. Handling out key
  5. Facsimile, Guest Locator
  6. Flower Package, Gidt Delivery
Reservation Syllabus
Topics Description
Department Overview
  1. FO Organization Chart
  2. Job Desctiption
  3. Creating a positive Hotel Image
  4. Relation With Other Department
  5. Hotel & Reservation Temnology
  6. FO Etiquet & Courtesy
  7. Resservation Guidelines & iIntergrity
  8. Telephone Courtesy
Reservation Section
  1. Hotel & Product Knowledge
  2. Handling Reservation Prosedure
  3. Reservation Flow Procedure
  4. Reservation Filling
  5. Geographic Code
  6. Market Segment Code
  7. Reservation Forecast
  8. Rate Surcture Knowledge
Mail & Information
  1. Log Book
  2. Information Compedium
  3. Flag & Coment
  4. Guest Confidential & Room Number
  5. Event Information
  1. Confirming Reservation With The Guest
  2. Confirming with Travel Agent
  3. Confirmiong of Contraced Rate Reservation With Travel Agent
  4. Applogy Letter
  5. Thank You Letter
  1. Interrogating Call Standart Forms
  2. Credit Card Autorization
  3. Complimentary Room Form
  4. Reservation Form
  5. Guarenteed Exceptiuon Form
  6. Profoma Invoice
  7. Upgrade Room Request
  8. Ticket Reservation / Confirming Form
  9. Message Form
  10. Appology Letter
  11. Thank You Letter
Concierge Syllabus
Topics Description
Concierge Standart Set Up
Concierge Check In Duties
  1. Guest Check In & Luggage Delivery Organization
  2. Room Luggage Placement
  3. Room Facilities Description
Concierge Check Out Duties
  1. Luggage Collection
Transportation Arranggement  
Depature Card Collection